Frequently Asked Questions


What is Ballroom Dancing?

Ballroom dancing is any social dancing you do with a partner. Most
   people think of traditional ballroom dances such as Foxtrot, Waltz
   or Tango, but ballroom dancing also includes rhythm or Latin dances
   like  Cha Cha, East Coast Swing and Salsa. Competitive Ballroom
   Dancing is referred to as Dance Sport.

Where would I use Ballroom Dancing?

 Anywhere there is music and dancing!! Ballroom dancing is appropriate
   for many gatherings including: weddings, corporate parties, or even
   a night out on the town. There are also many organizations that plan
   events specifically for ballroom  dancers. If you are interested in
   finding out more about these  organizations, we will be happy to help

What type of music do you dance to?

Ballroom music incorporates timeless classics as well as current
   popular artists. Part of any dancerís training should be music
   identification. If you choose to  sit out a song, it is because of
   exhaustion, not because you donít know what dance to do.

How long does it take to become a good dancer?


 This is a difficult question to answer. The term ďgood dancerĒ is
   relative to each personís goals. The  most important thing to
   understand when developing as a dancer is to be  patient and allow
   yourself time to absorb the material, both physically  and mentally. 
   No matter what level of dancing you wish to achieve, it will take time
   and effort to realize your goals.

Do I need a partner?

 No. If you take lessons as a single lady or gentleman you will be
   paired with an instructor of the opposite gender. Our teachers are
   trained in both the ladyís and gentlemanís roles and can instruct and
   dance both.

What do I wear?

We always ask that you wear something comfortable and non-restrictive.
   The most important aspect of your apparel is your shoes.  There are
   shoes made specifically for ballroom dancing but we do not recommend
   buying them at first. Gentlemen should wear a dress shoe with a leather
   bottom.  Ladies should wear a low heel or flat with a back.  Wear a
   shoe in which you would be comfortable and on-balance when walking.
   Please make sure your shoes do not have a heavy rubber sole.  This
   will prevent movement over the floor. 


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