Riverfront Ballroom and Latin Dance Center

Tom Clark - Director

Tom Clark Riverfront Ballroom and Latin Dance Center

Since 1981, Tom Clark has taught thousands of students and hundreds of professionals throughout Ohio and surrounding states. He is fully versed in dance theory and technique which makes him one of the leading authorities in ballroom dance in the region. He excels at both social and competition training. Tom is a full member of the National Dance Council of America, the North American Dance Teachers Association, and is World Dance Council registered. He has brought his knowledge and expertise to the area via Riverfront Ballroom and Latin Dance Center. Mr. Clark is also the recipient of numerous top teacher awards and has won many professional competitions throughout the United States. He also choreographed for Kevin Bacon in Telling Lies in America.

Tomi Ann Olex - Instructor

Tomi Ann Olex Riverfront Ballroom and Latin Dance Center

Tomi Ann Olex has many years of experience in ballroom dancing. She was a student for nine years, competing in both the American and International styles and winning many pro/am competitions with her instructor. She began her professional career in 1983 dancing with Thomas Clark. They competed at the regional and national levels, most notably winning the National Rising Star Category in the American Smooth division. She also competed in the theater arts and rhythm categories for several years. Over a long career, Tomi has been privileged to work with many outstanding coaches and teachers throughout the country. She is certified to teach beginning and advanced students. In addition, as an experienced public school teacher, Tomi is able to take complex material and make it easy to learn. She enjoys working with adults AND teenagers!

Rachel Neilson - Instructor

Rachel Neilson Riverfront Ballroom and Latin Dance Center

Rachel Neilson has a B.F.A. in Dance and Musical Theater from the University of Akron. She has a strong background in ballroom, jazz and ballet, and currently competes in the ballroom venue with her dance partner.

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Riverfront Ballroom and Latin Dance Center
Riverfront Ballroom and Latin Dance Center
Riverfront Ballroom and Latin Dance Center
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